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  j 54492489b9 use https 1 year ago
  j 4c34cbed3c add linux arm support: RaspberryPi(armv7l) and aarch64 4 years ago
  j 4bc6155c3f data home 4 years ago
  j e21158443e dnf package names 4 years ago
  j 8b06842acc use distutils.spawn.find_executable 4 years ago
  j 2c61fcc111 limit to platform in install 4 years ago
  j a384a3aad5 also works with python3.5 4 years ago
  j b05618f50a move config to data folder, fixes #171 4 years ago
  j 0e87b10079 cleanup 4 years ago
  j 021c418622 use local tor if no registed version can be found 4 years ago
  j 9fcd9491ac more linux install 4 years ago
  j a76766adab no need to install gir webkit anymore 4 years ago
  rlx d7975a870b update strings 4 years ago
  j bceb2ccbe1 add -U 4 years ago
  j 82e944ee5a add libssl-dev 4 years ago
  j 8de3c08cea tripple check for TLSv1_2_METHOD 4 years ago
  j 8528a4450f dont autostart oml after install 4 years ago
  j 6be1e2cad5 create updates folder, open oml in background 4 years ago
  j 516397ae44 visual feedback during updates 4 years ago
  j 7e63150c6e move linux checks to one place 4 years ago
  j ca301546f3 prompt for missing packages and exit 4 years ago
  j d3aab286f8 print not input 4 years ago
  j 0e71dcd9a8 fail 4 years ago
  j c33f580edf fail early 4 years ago
  j 19f552bd31 extra check pyOpenSSL on Ubuntu 4 years ago
  j 3e13559228 check for gtkwebkit 4.0 and fall back to 3.0 4 years ago
  j eeae402218 remove 3.4 check, 3.5 works too 4 years ago
  j 5099ee2e10 py3.4 4 years ago
  j a44aba7b7d dont install miredo 4 years ago
  j 7c1e5c691a use tor hidden service instead of ed25515 as peer id 4 years ago
  j 395c6e5112 use python3.4 .5 can not import ed25519 build for 3.4 4 years ago
  j 838a7c18b5 install system version of pyOpenSSL 4 years ago
  j c717a135af use dnf on fedora, install webkit2 if needed 4 years ago
  j a85023d560 dont install launch agent on osx 4 years ago
  j a57606a511 do install 5 years ago
  j b4e301343b check for deps first 5 years ago
  Jan Gerber 393fe7eb6e move launcher installation from installer to oml 5 years ago
  j c9170202bf fedora package names 5 years ago
  j 9155343c5b fix install 5 years ago
  j c8a4f6922c makefolder 5 years ago
  j bbb2b633fd more linux2 5 years ago
  j 42a06b1a86 sys.platform is linux on python3 not linux2 5 years ago
  j ee12580bcb fix python3 install 5 years ago
  j b3571b94f2 use system pillow 5 years ago
  j 8bcc0d6841 update readme, installer 5 years ago
  j 06d74f809d refactor install 5 years ago
  j 148c760daa add install script and add link to dmg in README 5 years ago