1206 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  j ff7cee2be1 use ThreadPoolExecutor 2 months ago
  j c43ccd319d update to python 3.6 7 months ago
  j ee586ee194 use gio open if available 1 year ago
  j 216b880151 space 1 year ago
  j 9145ef5df6 another fix for new installs 1 year ago
  j 58f516ff46 typo 1 year ago
  j fa22ee34de fix init 1 year ago
  j 6211253675 az fixes 1 year ago
  j e0c2ccbb24 recreate list on list change, to avoid doulbe reload if list sort changes too 1 year ago
  j b4f42256d8 don't overwrite first 1 year ago
  j ca3909abed add api debug flag 1 year ago
  j aae3407860 folder might not exist 1 year ago
  j 9a6b212ec4 move all non ascii first letters into _ 1 year ago
  j 643e2e587e some filesystems are case insensitive, always use case insensitive lookup 1 year ago
  j 7ec42cab8d no newliens in path 1 year ago
  j d5ba41ac1e 255 is to long 1 year ago
  j e966256fa2 simple changelog 1 year ago
  j 04f994d4b7 only remove one peer 1 year ago
  j 66989a78e5 end is size-1 1 year ago
  j 56477d2757 fix permissions 1 year ago
  j 3ecd742bd8 PEP 8 1 year ago
  j f811d74b5e permissions 1 year ago
  j 6ac693e705 new tar wants exclude before folder 1 year ago
  j 73b8658c99 use variable for python executable 1 year ago
  j cd4ae21855 only call init 1 year ago
  j 6356e9acf2 only pass data to json.dumps/loads 1 year ago
  j 6e06214104 remove unused util functions 1 year ago
  j 3dd7569d1f exfat has issues with more stuff 2 years ago
  j 0266b015f1 use new Ox.URL api 2 years ago
  j 78a8061c8c better linux launcher 2 years ago
  j cd3bbc3cb6 ping local nodes without beeing online 2 years ago
  j f66e0fbb15 remove unused code, only isbn lookup works 2 years ago
  j 33e672c32b log url timeouts 2 years ago
  j 6126b5dfa2 add arm platforms 2 years ago
  j 805486e8fc use sqlalchemy.sql.expression.text 2 years ago
  j 386284693d use _create_stdlib_context if _create_default_https_context does not exist 2 years ago
  j 4fcad3bddf tor browser only exists for x86 2 years ago
  j 62b8c34e65 typo 2 years ago
  j 4c34cbed3c add linux arm support: RaspberryPi(armv7l) and aarch64 2 years ago
  j abc0b82961 not in 2 years ago
  j 3e5c3c9a47 avoid undefined users 2 years ago
  j 4bc6155c3f data home 2 years ago
  j 18aebe76d3 windows autostart 2 years ago
  j 0551a18cc9 autostart 2 years ago
  j 9d01cbf57e user might have been removed 2 years ago
  j 720076d5d1 only publish static lists 2 years ago
  j 876f511f45 trigger peering.accept if peering in requestPeering 2 years ago
  j 0b2db6fd80 re-announce local node if username changes 2 years ago
  j 9d1603cfb2 better logging 2 years ago
  j 99777a78e7 pullRequest can take longer 2 years ago