1443 Commits (master)

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  j 111ea307a9 fix annotations sort 2 weeks ago
  j 349383ff39 write utf-8 2 weeks ago
  j 7ee959cd11 all changelogs should be utf-8 3 weeks ago
  j b3246f05db fix broken logs 3 weeks ago
  j 08a3477e88 cleanup users 3 weeks ago
  j 739cfd8c9d changelog uses \n newlines 3 weeks ago
  j b7d140e36a fix changelog 3 weeks ago
  j a45445d114 disable authentication to make running multiple nodes easier 4 weeks ago
  j fa9482de48 less debug output 4 weeks ago
  j 41d90e1736 windows fails to open utf-8 files as utf-8 4 weeks ago
  j b4b66f9bd5 remove annotations and other annotation menu options 1 month ago
  j 8169d8e720 avoid tor deadlock, clenaup annotations on delete 1 month ago
  j 6f8acb90d9 fix annotation export for books without author 1 month ago
  j 255de5664d fix install 1 month ago
  j a8942d79d2 bust cache 1 month ago
  j 8928b5447b double check that volume is still around, only flag files as missing 1 month ago
  j ee315399bb linux fulltext search 1 month ago
  j 6115850f17 load without sidebar 1 month ago
  j 054edd8a41 linux placeholder 1 month ago
  j 82d7f85bdb go back to current list 1 month ago
  j 85e315be40 show annotations in fullscreen mode 1 month ago
  j eeee4f5a28 only delete own annotations 1 month ago
  j b181575a37 migrate again 1 month ago
  j edbe4da011 add annotations to db 1 month ago
  j 9ef452832d fix migration 1 month ago
  j e0cba14d6a store annotations in db and sync with peers 1 month ago
  j 131a6a3215 fix enter event 1 month ago
  j dad9b53b54 hide peers 1 month ago
  j ad2d763fbb more logging 1 month ago
  j 497c2bb6be add position 1 month ago
  j 81e943625d deselect annotation 1 month ago
  j 46e679f2b9 cleanup 1 month ago
  j 925967ddf0 add delete quote button 1 month ago
  j 0c2ad46e71 limit logging 1 month ago
  rlx ef2b56e0a9 add renderAnnotation method 1 month ago
  rlx 5f5ebc3b7a update annotation menu 1 month ago
  rlx 0b9de7902c update config 1 month ago
  j 103aab3f4a keep listorder in sync 1 month ago
  j 5f36b2eab4 get rid of Public lists 1 month ago
  j 9d11bbba53 don't record addlistitems for Inbox 1 month ago
  j 431dc8e194 ping on action 1 month ago
  j 4033958341 remove unique contraint for user.nickname 1 month ago
  j bcfc8ba9b2 typo(again) 1 month ago
  j d84e950ca8 typo 1 month ago
  j de9a172f39 start callbacks on main thread 1 month ago
  j c7e316ab22 select for update 1 month ago
  j a111aaac46 unlink log on remove 1 month ago
  j 611fc2b373 ping nodes to update online status 1 month ago
  j 265a4791fe log updated 1 month ago
  j ad15b8a25a watch websocket errors 1 month ago