1267 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  j a576de8a82 use with_for_update for User class too 35 minutes ago
  j 469cdf8fb7 remove debug 41 minutes ago
  j 18309f9701 Public is not part of lists 41 minutes ago
  j 9c393cdd56 move public list to the top 21 hours ago
  j 61fff0a8d7 fix list dialog 21 hours ago
  j 76aba5d581 fix open 22 hours ago
  j e0afda357a trigger change with new public item 22 hours ago
  j 9344b84d86 remove double peering issues 23 hours ago
  j 1adbcc3d0b broadcast name changes 23 hours ago
  j 038b04c178 add debugging 1 day ago
  j 98bd2f6cf3 dont query for empty list 1 day ago
  j 3a8429b9ac append to listorder 1 day ago
  j 02c61c6350 move icons.db into library folder 1 day ago
  j 37a45bdad9 torrc uses / on windows 1 day ago
  j 2d9f5446dc create peers folder if needed 1 day ago
  j c05ceaf175 fix typo 1 day ago
  j b9135fd891 use new git url 1 day ago
  j 0557e7051e use new git urls 2 days ago
  j cdebd7f1e4 don't edit public 2 days ago
  j f05a212a82 add Public list, peers can add items to that list 2 days ago
  j dd0e22a979 prepare public api 3 days ago
  j 507b6fed3e pep8 3 days ago
  j c3cdc4ccd9 use new google api 3 days ago
  j 5ad4d1d67c fix rename user 3 days ago
  j 608c9ea696 cycle TLS certificate every 60 days 3 days ago
  j dc761279c5 import operators 5 days ago
  j 1c8a5c3764 fulltext search in macosx 5 days ago
  j 6c7d6bb6b0 for update 5 days ago
  j 52f45beaec compare NFC 5 days ago
  j 88f9f2d27e fix path 5 days ago
  j 3d882425e4 work around broken db 5 days ago
  j 7d0d473acd only compare NFD value, never change path 5 days ago
  j c862faddd1 more NFD 5 days ago
  j 07cdab8c2d typo 5 days ago
  j 74586d7164 compare NFD normalized paths 5 days ago
  j 3cd63695c4 only add items if there are items 6 days ago
  j 4a956e2a65 debugging 6 days ago
  j 3a1b3a5c3c more cleanup fallbacks 6 days ago
  j 709e067e14 support txt drag and drop 6 days ago
  j 637feaee55 allow larger drag&drop uploads (up to 2GB) 1 week ago
  j 91dbea8f10 update deps 1 week ago
  j c979940706 don't pull changes if download rate is 0 1 week ago
  j 616a06270d give up if download fails multiple times 1 week ago
  j 554e65cbd3 fix file check 1 week ago
  j ca29c73043 cleanup time added 1 week ago
  j a01e574a8f unlink target if move failed 1 week ago
  j 3d1a629970 also remove duplicates if they show up first 1 week ago
  j 80b3ff5b91 unlink duplicates 1 week ago
  j 56df24baad attempt to cleanup library 1 week ago
  j 7a000bf199 join with timeout 1 week ago