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Create virtual disk of

Preparations VM are based on cloud images. You also qemu to run the vm and virtualbox to convert the image

apt-get install virtualbox qemu qemu-utils
apt-get install kvm cloud-utils


You can configure some of the arguments in once done run:


this will create a vdi image in pandora-r{REVISON}.vdi

VirtualBox Usage

Now you can create a new VirtualBox machine, select Linux/Ubuntu and use vdi image as existing hard disk.

Before starting up:

In Network -> Adpater 1 set to Bridged Adapter with your connected controller

Use for development

Login via ssh or in terminal as pandora with password pandora

ssh pandora@pandora.local is installed in /srv/pandora and is served with nginx on http://pandora.local


to get the latest version of

cd /srv/pandora
pandoractl update