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Open Media Library


To install the latest release on Linux run:

curl https://git.0x2620.org/openmedialibrary.git/HEAD:/install | python3

on Mac OS X download this:



Open Media Library uses Tor to connect to other peers. If required Open Media Library will install its own version of Tor Browser.


Now checkout the source and prepare for use:

mkdir openmedialibrary
cd openmedialibrary
git clone https://git.0x2620.org/openmedialibrary.git
ln -s openmedialibrary/ctl ctl
./ctl init

# and start it
./ctl debug

To update to latest version:

./ctl update

On Linux you need a working python3.6 installation with pillow, python-lxml, pyOpenSSL and pyCrypto and popler-utils:

apt-get install python3.6 python3-pil python3-lxml \
                python3-openssl python3-crypto poppler-utils \


If you install Open Media Library on a architecture/os that is currently not supported, you need a working python 3.6 installation and the dependencies listed in requirements.txt and requirements-shared.txt:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt
pip3 install -r requirements-shared.txt